About KAKA

KAKA Business Story

Dear everyone, we are KAKA, an old-time delight crispy crackers manufacturer in Taiwan since 2006.  From local street of old town Dan-Sway in Northern Island, to modern city of Chi-Gin harbor at Southern Coast; from grocery stores move forward to “hypermarket”; from domestic homemade production process base to upgrade to National GMP certified factory, the growth of hardship and journey didn’t change KAKA’s cleverness to the original taste rather has kept and shaped KAKA continuously persistent in Creativities, R&D and Quality.
The story started from credit card crisis in 2005, a cruel “era” to many people including a Top sale young lady with her three year-old daughter, such grim and harsh reality has made up deep in her mind to leave and quit her high income top sales as serve to Mammon, but return to the nature of motherhood that is in her.  She loves cooking, she decided to start brand new life and make it as business by ways of breeding her 3 year-old daughter.
Enjoy cooking and love sharing!  The initial product in her mind was her favorite Indonesian shrimp cracker, the name ”KAKA” was actually inspired by the sound of crispy which signifies freshness, crumbly and delicious.  Although these sorts of products were very much in common in the marketplace, and the margin was very low also.  However, the enjoyment has overcome the cruel era and happiness of sharing has gained product improvement in return.
After a series of improvements on dough, facilities and production process, KAKA shrimp cracker with dipping sauce combine with hand making process method has unique surface appearance that looks like thorns of lobster.  Although strange and weird outlook gave KAKA shrimp cracker a truly hard time at its beginning of marketing promotion stage that not any distributor or shop like this new product at all and even we felt frustrated, we did not step backward, on contrary, we made efforts on selling it through website and gave away 1000 samples for free. One week later, things turn around and it happened like an overnight miracle, lots of orders were flown in like snowflakes falling. Discussions on forums were overwhelming...
For years with KAKA continuously persistent in old-time flavor and quality, and all kinds of support from clients that have motivate KAKA to go forward are very important to KAKA. With whole products are adopt unique D-oil technique to spin off residual oil, and all facilities are upgrading to GMP certified level gradually, we looking forward to establishing Kaka a high quality and trust brand and bring healthy and happiness to people in Asia and the world.